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Who are we?

Bhaskar Salgaonkar |

Co-Founder, MySunar |

“Sonarane Kaan Tochave” (A goldsmith must pierce your ears), an adage that Bhaskar Salgaonkar, our co-founder and a Daivadnya Sonar, grew up listening to. 

He watched his uncles pierce the ears of newborns, as early as the 12th day after birth. He was intrigued by traditions like chanting mantras before piercing, keeping the needle edge punctured in a dried coconut before piercing, and he pondered how they pierced the baby's ears with such precision.

Then life took over, as he finished his engineering and MBA studies before working in the IT business for almost two decades. At the back of his mind, he was always concerned about the Sunar Community’s present piercing scenario and how the contemporary form of piercing was displacing the healthy, traditional method of piercing.

The modern method sure seems quick, but it isn't the best way to get pierced, for children. On the other hand, having a traditional needle-pierced ear, promotes faster healing, sensory, speech, and brain development, as well as offers a safe and sanitary experience with more accuracy. It's gentle in comparison to the blunt force of the piercing guns. 

Knowing the benefits of the traditional method, Bhaskar felt the need to raise more awareness about it. Through it all, there was one goal;

to practice safe piercing for children and bring the Sunars back in the business.

And so, the idea of MySunar was born.

Sajan Mathew

Co-Founder, MySunar

Sajan Mathew, Co-Founder and a dear engineering friend of Bhaskar, joined MySunar to make this vision a reality.

He has been with the telecom industry for two decades.

A customer journey specialist.

A father who has brought up his son as a friend in the true sense, someone who has been an involved parent in every step, every way. 

He believes that his personal learning from parenting can be put to best use for children and parents who would seek MySunar services.

Ear Piercing is an important milestone, not just for the child, but in the parents' lives too. And therefore to perform it with utmost care is imperative

Together, our founders envision making ear piercings safe and comfortable for children in every way. 

To ensure that the vision is accomplished, tremendous research was carried out to understand piercing from a clinical aspect. MySunar believes that the use of toxic metals during piercing should be prohibited. And so, using nickel-free, sterile earrings to protect the tender ears of children is important. 

Further adding safety by washing hands, wearing gloves, checking the baby's temperature before piercing, using a surgical torch to check any ear infection, cleaning the lobes with alcohol swabs, marking the piercing spot with a surgical marker pen, and so on sets the standard of hygiene required in the procedure. 

And a home service to top that, because home is where a child and parent are most comfortable



Safe, sterilized equipment for a healthy piercing process

The process doesn’t end with piercing, 

Post-piercing care is important to ensure that the child goes through a safe healing. Hence, a 4-week post-care calendar for parents with do’s and dont's is devised.

This places us uniquely in the “baby ear-piercing” space.

We are currently operational in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore,Hyderabad,Mysore,Cochin,Mangalore,Goa,Chennai and Vadodara.

The Sunar community is engaged in a particular city before the launch. 

They receive qualitative training on soft skills and clinical-based piercing as per our SOPM (Standard Operating Procedure Manual). 

The team is selected based on piercing skills, soft skills, collaborative attitude, and tranquillity throughout the procedure. 

Through MySunar, we want to create a better world for children and parents with the ear-piercing experience.

Customer love and respect is at the heart of our journey.

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