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mySunar Story

Two Driving Forces

How do we improve safety in children’s ear-piercing method?
How do we keep the Sunar’s craft alive for the benefit of future generations?

mySunar was born as an answer to it

Our objective is to establish an assertive and enjoyable process of ear-piercing with our customers. We want to earn everyone’s trust, through our thrust on safety. Our practitioners from the Goldsmith community have 2 decades of experience in piercing. Their experience is a reassurance of our proposition to everyone. “Safety Is Paramount”. We are shouldering the responsibility of preserving the traditional culture of Karnavedha in a clinical & scientific way by embracing safest techniques, tools and product.

We want to leave a beautiful memory with every customer we serve.

Children Aboard


Experience of goldsmiths


Experience of goldsmiths


Years at Work


Founder’s Message

Founder & Childlike

Sajan Mathew

I am enjoying the most responsible job in a lifetime…Parenting.The “beginning” of parenting felt like the most beautiful gift, I have been waiting all along;

Then came the "thrilling" phase;

And Now, I am in the "challenging" phase.

In the joy of raising my son, I didn’t realise the speed at which he turned 17.

My approach to his upbringing has been pious, clutter breaking, selfless, friendly, consultative and more. I believe, if I could understand my child, behave his age and think like his age, from the beginning to the challenging phase, I am certain that I can contribute to my customers expectation.

I am a Tech Graduate.

I have been a Telecom Professional for 2 decades.

A proud Tata Alumnus.

I love speaking and connecting with the younger generation, with the anticipation that I can channelise their energy in the right area.

Founder & Childcare

Bhaskar Salgaonkar

In my 20 years of journey with the IT industry, besides building new businesses, my profession took me around the world. The thrill of living the business in its entirety has been most satisfying. The additional incentive of being in the close proximity of different cultures in different regions was a blessing. After globetrotting for several years, I made a decision to return where I belong to…India. I come from the Goldsmith community. Watching the little-little nuances of Piercing in my growing up days was so enlightening. I have watched how an experienced elderly person, nurture’s and trains the youngsters, before on-boarding them on the big job. Piercing is a responsibility. While observing the piercing process, an Idea to improve the current “safety standards” in piercing was born.

I am a Tech Graduate.

I have been an IT professional for 2 decades.

I have a problem solving attitude

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