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7 Expert Tips for Painless Ear Piercing

Getting a child's ear pierced is a common traditional and cultural practice across India. The practice has a religious significance in many communities.

Across many societies in North India the practice is called the Karnveda where 'Karn' means the ear and 'veda' means the ceremony. In South India, this practice is called Koppu.
In Hinduism, ear piercing is associated with the goddess Shakti and is believed to enhance the child's overall well-being. The ear piercing ceremony is generally performed between the first and fifth year of a child's life, depending on the traditions followed in their respective community.

Traditional piercing was a practice that was undertaken by an individual without any expertise. More often than not this led to complications for the infant. Ear piercing, though an integral part of Indian culture, came with its own set of challenges.

Traditional Ear Piercing Challenges (in the current form)

  • Use of non-sterile instruments (needles, safety pins, or shared earrings) poses significant risks.
  • Shared earrings increase the risk of bloodborne diseases.
  • Traditional procedures often lack stringent hygiene standards.
  • Non-professional settings are common for traditional ear piercing.
  • Unsterile environments are prevalent in traditional ear piercing.

Today, times have undergone a sea change. Though modern parents continue to follow the traditions, they prefer safe ear piercing to following traditional methods of piercing. Families prefer to choose to get their child's ear pierced in a hygienic environment, such as a hospital or a professional piercing studio, or even opt for ear piercing services at home. Medical advancements have made painless ear piercing a possibility with the innovation of numbing creams.

Having said that, taking the decision to pierce a child's ear cannot be rushed. Though ear piercing service at home has made it convenient, parents need to be attentive to additional factors such as the child's health. They also have to make sure they have time on hand to monitor and diligently adhering to post-piercing care to promote swift healing. Experiencing ear piercing is a new and unique event for the child, and individual reactions can vary. Young children might feel overwhelmed during the procedure, as they may struggle to grasp the purpose and nature of the process. Hence parents prefer ear piercing services at home so the child is comfortable in the familiar surroundings of their homes.

Expert Tips for Painless Ear Piercing at Home
Thanks to recent medical breakthroughs, pain-free piercings are now achievable. Simple application of a numbing cream 30 minutes prior to the procedure does the trick and safe ear piercing becomes a possibility. All one needs to do is pay close attention to details and the entire process will seem like a cake walk. Listing expert tips for painless ear piercing: 

  1. Research before availing Ear piercing service at home:
    Once a decision has been made to opt for safe ear piercing services at home, it is advisable to conduct an extensive research with various service providers and ensure they meet all the requirements to carry on this process smoothly. Things to look out for in such a scenario are the years of experience of the individual performing the procedure, the instruments used and the hygiene protocols followed. Try to reach out to their previous customers to get a first hand review.

  2. Choose the Right Time:
    A parent is well versed with the daily schedule of their child. It is best to opt for a time when the baby is calm and well-rested. If you are going for ear piercing services at home, then consider scheduling the piercing during the early part of the day when babies are generally more content.

  3. Create a Comfortable Environment :
    Every child has their own set of favourite toys, favourite blankets and favourite human beings. It could be their mom, dad, grandparents or even a house help whom they enjoy playing with. It is best to keep the child's favourite things and people around to create a comfortable and secure environment. Ensure that the room is well-lit and the temperature is suitable to the child's liking.

  4. Choosing the Right Earrings:
    For safe ear piercing it is imperative to opt for hypoallergenic earrings to minimise the risk of irritation. Ensure the earrings are made of a safe material like 18-karat gold to avoid any adverse reactions. It is wise to take utmost care at every step of the way of the piercing.

  5. Gentle Handling :
    Handling a small child is not everyone's cup of tea. Ensure that while doing the procedure the professionals are trained to handle babies with utmost care. It is vital that the process is a stress free one for the child and the parent.

  6. Pain Management Techniques :
    With science and modern medicine moving ahead at the speed of light, the discovery of a numbing cream has been an important one. Apart from its use in various medical procedures, its use during the piercing can help in a big way to minimise the pain thereby making it a less stressful process for the child. Ensure that the cream being used is from a reputed brand.

  7. Post-Piercing Care :
    Post care is equally important as preparation of the process. When one entails the services of a professional for ear piercing service at home, one should also focus on receiving comprehensive guidance on caring for the baby's newly pierced ears and follow it to the T.

At mySunar, we understand the importance of preserving cultural practices while prioritizing the safety and comfort of your child. Our expert team is dedicated to making the ear-piercing service experience for your baby as painless and stress-free as possible, right in the comfort of your own home. Choose mySunar for a seamless and safe ear-piercing journey for your little one.

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